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Facebook 101 - Launching Your First Ad Campaign

Never created a Facebook Ad before but want to give it a shot for your business?

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Here's a quick guide to get you going:

To get started, you’re going to already have a few things set up:

  1. Have a Facebook business page setup that you’re going to run ads from (if not, go here and do that now:

  2. Have a Facebook Business Manager account set up (if not, go here and follow these instructions:

  3. Finally, after creating your Facebook Business Manager account, you will need to claim your business page and create an ad account

First time creating a business page? Here’s a few tips to optimize it:

  • Link the “Call To Action” button to your website or landing page

  • Post 3-5 articles relevant to your business

  • Continue to post an article a day for the next week or two

  • Invite all of your friends to like your page

After you have created your business page AND your ad account and have linked them to your Facebook Business Manager account, then you’re finally ready to create your first ad campaign!

Getting Started:

Once you’re inside your Facebook Business Manager account, you’re going to want to click on your Ad Account to open up your Ads Manager.

From there, you’ll see on the far left side a green “+ Create” sign which you will click to start creating your first campaign.

You have two options here, opting for the “quick creation” or “guided creation,” and for this guide since we are assuming this is your first ad we will click “guided creation.”

Now, you will be presented with several different options to guide your campaign. For running ad campaigns for lead generation, there are two options we can choose from here. These options are contingent on whether you have a properly optimized landing page or not. Landing pages are valuable tools for increasing the conversion rate of ad traffic that you pay for. If you don’t have a landing page set up yet, don’t sweat, you will just click “Lead Generation” for now. If you DO have a landing page and you already know how to set up tracking analytics on where the ad traffic is going, then I always opt for “Conversions.”

Creating Your Ad Set:

This next step is configuring your Ad Set, which is responsible for outlining who your audience / targeting is, whether you will be using dynamic creative or not, where the ads are placed within Facebook (and Instagram now too), and Budget and Schedule.

I highly recommend pulling out your client avatar / client persona profile to figure out the following, as it will be different for everyone based on who they’re targeting.

Here’s some tips on how to configure the following:

Dynamic Creative:

This is great advanced tool for testing many different images and ad copy, but I would recommend not turning it on for your first ad set.

Audience / Targeting:

You are going to need to figure out who you are trying to target with your ad and then use the tools in this section to help Facebook show your ad to the correct people. However, with the start of special ad category on facebook, you are limited to just advertising in a 15 mile or greater radius of a particular area. So keep that in mind when designing your ad. Another tip here is to explore using "custom audiences" to refine your targeting.


It used to be that Facebook’s algorithm would waste your ad spend if you put your ads anywhere but it in the actual newsfeed, but that is no longer. I now always set my placements to “Automatic Placements.” You’ll just need to check and make sure your image is optimized for all the different dimensions that Facebook will place your ad if you choose this.

Budget & Schedule:

Up to your discretion. How many leads can you handle? Divide your ad spend by your Cost Per Lead and then divide that over 30 days and you get the daily number of leads coming in.

Interested in hearing current market Cost Per Lead averages for your market? Let's set up a time to chat ---->

Ask yourself how many leads can you realistically follow up with every day? If you can’t handle the lead flow or can’t call these leads as soon as they enter your system, you can look into setting up an automated system to follow up with these leads on your behalf (We have our own proprietary follow up system that has allowed us to hit 50% to 65% response rates on all our leads)

Creating Your Ad:

This final part after creating your Ad Set is actually creating what people will see when your ads start delivering on Facebook.

In this section you’ll need to:

  • Upload an image in the media section to display for your ad (Which is SO important to get this right, as the image will account for the majority of the success of your ad - so pick wisely and make sure your image is high quality)

  • Create a Headline that will display prominently at the bottom of your ad

  • Create “Ad Copy” in the “Primary Text” box which will be what people read if you entice them enough with your image and headline

  • Select your “Call To Action” - which for me has always performed best as the “Learn More” button

  • If using the “Lead Generation” objective, then go down and “Create Form” to create what people will see when they click the CTA or “Learn More” button (We will go into questions on this another time)

  • If using “conversions” Enter the link to your landing page (if using “conversions” otherwise this won’t be an option)

As you fill out this section, you will see it populate a preview of your ad in your browser. Make sure after completing this section to “preview” your ad

After your ad is created, you will want to make sure that your ad leads them to a highly optimized landing page to convert your web traffic into hot leads.

If you don’t have a landing page yet, that’s okay too. Run some ads with just the basic lead form that Facebook offers native inside their platform and see what kind of results you can get.

So that’s a wrap! That’s the basics to get you started.

There’s SO much more we can go in to, such as setting up your pixel, retargeting, landing page optimization, getting the right ad copy and images, optimizing your ads...but we will save that for another day.

The most important thing to remember is that, while I offer general guidelines here, EVERY market is different, and you will need to do adequate market research and testing to see what works best for YOU and WHO you are targeting.

Have questions? For the experienced, have you found success with options other than what I’ve laid out here?

Want to skip all of the above, the trial-and-error, and fast track your advertising? Let’s chat --->

Best Regards,

Kurt Owen

Digital Marketing Consultant

“Digital Marketing Deciphered”

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